A consultant and trainer specializing in unlocking the organizational effectiveness of product companies. His approach has a clear focus on maximizing the capabilities necessary to achieve strategic business goals.

From all his experiences with numerous international companies of various sizes, from start-ups to huge corporations, he noticed how much more successful product companies can become when they redesign their organizations to unleash their full potential... and when they do this redesign properly - based on Organizational Systems Thinking.

However, only a small number of companies take advantage of this opportunity. This presents an exceptional opportunity for you to create a genuine competitive advantage for your company.

For over 15 years, he has been deeply intrigued by organizational culture. Drawing from his own experiences, he learned a valuable lesson often attributed to Peter Drucker: "Culture eats Strategy for Breakfast". Over time, working in roles as both a permanent employee and a temporary consultant, he arrived at another critical insight, which could be summarized as: "Structure eats Culture for Lunch" with 'Structure' representing the entirety of Organizational Design.

Reflecting on his extensive 20-year career spanning Banking, Fintech, Automotive, and Digital industries (including roles at Mercedes-Benz, BMW, and Deutsche Bank), he vividly sees the evidence of this principle in organizational behaviors. It consistently held true across different sizes, countries, and business models.

His involvement in large-scale projects, such as Autonomous Driving at BMW with over 1000 participants, further solidified his understanding of how various organizational elements interact and evolve over time. Dynamics that were merely suspected in small or mid-sized organizations became strikingly apparent at such a massive scale.

Denis also finds immense value in his previous professional path, even though he abandoned it many years ago. His recollection of the challenges in software development and project management, whether utilizing traditional approaches (PMP and PRINCE II certified) or so-called Agile Project Management in product-driven companies, now aids him in fostering shared understanding with individuals holding diverse mindsets.
    "The most important for me is the value I bring to people and organizations through my work."
    "I always do or suggest what I truly believe brings value in each specific case."
    "I am committed to being open and honest in my partnership with the organization's management, even when it leads to revealing some unexpected aspects or when I see them from a completely different perspective."
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